4.5 trillion USD*

*global bull market in narcism according to the bank of america

vanity capital is the new matric for narcism

Never before have people been willing to invest so much vanity capital just to change their appearance in society. And social media is the source of this phenomenon. Social media has changed all our perception and consuming behaviour. Everything is about vanity and being part of a community.


what drives your client?

the wish for transformation


We are a team player and your sparring partner for developing a value creating strategy for your brand.

With decades of experience as C-level consultants for communication, distribution and product development we create individual solutions based on your corporate values.


We see ourselves as a part of your team and therefore we also support you during the entire implementation process.

We supervise all activities and we also temporarily take over the key positions in your company of a Marketing Manager, a Product Manager or a Creative Director if requested and needed.


Every brand has an own personality and an unique soul. We create the face to that personality that will not just reflect the present trend but is also changeable to meet the design needs of tomorrow.

To show the strength and dimension of a brand we transform the corporate identity into a clear corporate design for all communication channels.

our job is selling this transformation promise


your business needs a growth hack

Business has developed in the last decade more than it has in the last 100 years.

New market requirements cannot be solved with old and conventional solutions any more.

We have tools that will help facing the contemporary demands of your market and keep you competitve and successful.


let‘s find out what your client values