your business needs a growth hack

Business has developed in the last decade more than it has in the last 100 years. New market requirements cannot be solved with old and conventional solutions any more. We have tools that will help facing the contemporary demands of your market and keep you competitve and successful.

what's virmaso?

Virmaso stands for VIRTUAL MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS and provides digital web-based software tools for:

  • onsite and offsite performance monitoring
  • in-house and in-the-field reporting
  • training, sales, controlling and / or product presentation

Virmaso is a registered trade mark owned by IK3 SARL

what virmaso can do for you

  • save and earn money at the same time
  • get more operative working time for employees
  • get a higher turnover generated by better in-the-field service
  • save more time by working more effectively
  • less time needed to write and read reports
  • equal report quality from all employees
  • enlarge motivation of the employees
  • no more annoying report writing
  • improve quality level of work
  • reports can be compared & statistically evaluated


bullet points


Personalized log-in on a dedicated Server in a German Data Center. User division into roles with selective access rights. Every user has an individual and unique login with selective access rights. All actions are trackable, controllable and evaluable.


Individual creation of report templates. Freely definable questions and report structure (free text, number, selection, picture, etc.).


Creating reports fast, intuitive and customizable on all usual browsers as well as with the exclusively developed app usable for IOS and Android devices. The usage is optimized for all common screens and for both browsers and mobile devices using touchscreen or keyboard.

auto pdf

Filling in all questions automatically generates a PDF version of the report! The report can be sent by email or is ready for inspection by a supervisor.

the game changer for all who work in-the-field

Employees or freelancers who are working in-the-field have a huge amount of responsibility. Those employees work as a

  • sales employees
  • supply chain employees
  • consultants
  • inspectors
  • mechanics
  • engineers
  • visual merchandiser
  • designers
  • architects

This activity is very exhausting and requires a high degree of responsibility and commitment. There is not much time, motivation and energy left for "paperwork". Therefore, it is essential to get a to-the-point documentation. This report system must be fast, uncomplicated, complete and sustainable.

Writing reports and documentation is always an extra hassle that no one likes to do. Furthermore, the quality of reports varies from employee to employee. Last but not least, a controlling person needs to read, interpret and evaluate competently all the written reports.

The report topic is not only a burden for the author, but also for the recipient. The process of report creation must be selective, slim, structured, guided and intuitive with the goal to minimize the burden on the creator and the recipient and to maximize and effectively use the content of the report.

  • platform independent
  • web-based
  • full customizable
  • easy handling
  • for smartphone and browser
  • for all languages
  • personalized log-in
  • adjustable access rights
  • comment function for report content
  • modular structure
  • report history available
  • triggering automatic to-do's
  • report available as a PDF download
  • works both online and offline
  • report viewer via App
  • incl. statistics/insights
  • and much more…

let's embrace change